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Established in 2017, Monivation is an innovative and award-winning RegTech company, providing legal protection and certainty for their clients’ due diligence processes through compliance by design.

With its Digital Compliance Officer® and ancillary service offerings, Monivation solves regulatory compliance challenges for clients in a highly efficient, cost-effective, and automated manner. Monivation is a regulatory compliance technology company dedicated to helping businesses to remain regulatory compliant, manage the cost of compliance, whilst removing the friction their customers may experience when engaging with them. Monivation strives to safeguard customers and businesses against fraud and other forms of financial crime through agile, robust and sustainable controls.

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As consumers and staff who have all been implicated by financial crime, we believe in restoring financial trust into a continuously changing and risk-prone industry, safeguarding consumers and staff whilst enabling fair opportunities to transact. In order to restore trust, we ultimately solve the complexities of compliance within business to ultimately not only protect themselves from fraud and other forms of financial crime, but also their staff and customers. That requires expert knowledge, robust innovation and end-to-end automated controls and process – yet simple, accurate and compliant solutions. Transforming businesses with non-compliant statuses to compliant is the challenge of our times. Even though non-compliant and/or the lack of financial crime controls present a serious, cross-cutting and growing threat amongst developing markets, its key importance is also perhaps among the least understood. The intent is not only to respond to criminal activity, but to simplify and improve the Customer experience, together with the trust that they are protected by robust fraud and financial crime controls.


We have developed a single solution which combines and streamlines a business’s Regulatory and Compliance policies, processes and data (Risk Management and Compliance Programme): A Digital Compliance Officer, currently consisting out of various compliance disciplines. The Digital Compliance Officer serves as a Consolidator, and through its’ simple plug-and-play architecture, seamlessly integrates with any Client system, enabling effortless sharing of information, whilst reducing manual activities, duplication and avoiding unnecessary costs. The Digital Compliance Officer further enables a 360⁰ view of the Customer, ultimately enabling staff to make more informed decisions. The Digital Compliance Officer is supported by our other core offerings, being Specialised Due Diligence Services (KYC, KYB and KYS), Compliance as a Service, as well as Professional Services.


Whereas cognitive systems specialise in predictive logic derived largely from unstructured data, the Digital Compliance Officer focuses on perfecting the capture and application of prescriptive logic, driven off structured data. This is the logic that must be applied, based on prescribed rules and conditions. Fortunately, with MONIVATION, it’s the logic you can now easily capture into the Digital Compliance Officer. The Digital Compliance Officer acts like digital experts, guiding people to the right decisions and actions, based on their specific situations and contexts. As a result, you don’t need to train someone to make them capable to perform. Whatever your business’ unique needs and challenges, we will ensure that the Digital Compliance Officer, our Specialised Due Diligence, Compliance as a Service, as well as Professional Services offering will be fit-for-purpose to address all your pain points in a sustainable manner.

The MONIVATION Team has extensive first-hand experience in juggling regulatory compliance, company profits, KPI’s, as well as the need for an easier, more accurate, digitised and compliant manner in successfully addressing compliance within organisations. They are disruptors and technical leaders, with diverse experience and have both the technical skills and the business know-how to deliver Regulatory Compliance.

Company's Founders


The shared vision of the MONIVATION Founders was to combine human decision making, expert knowledge and powerful computing capabilities – The Digital Compliance Officer.

Founders & Management Team


The shared vision of the MONIVATION Founders was to combine human decision making, expert knowledge and powerful computing capabilities in the form of - The Digital Compliance Officer.

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Business Development Lead

13 years of experience | Compliance, Outsourcing and Oversight Specialist | In depth knowledge of UK legislation | Experience within Europe, Africa, Asia and North/South America Markets | Member of the International Compliance Association (MICA) and the Compliance Institute of Southern Africa


Regulatory Compliance Specialists

Consultants | Advisory | Assurance


Regulatory Compliance Specialists

Consultants | Advisory | Assurance


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The MONIVATION team consists of specialists - individuals with a singular drive for exceptional delivery and technology innovation. This, coupled with our unique regulatory and compliance virtual advisors, creates a comprehensive solution set, delivering value to our clients. We design, build and support regulatory compliance solutions, based on futuristic and bleeding edge technology! Connect with us if you are interested in joining our team!