The Digital Compliance Officer enables the automation, while our Client’s Risk Management and Compliance Programme (RMCPs) inform the rules to be automated in the execution of due diligence. We recognise the risks and complexities businesses face and have developed a capability to generate detailed Due Diligence Reports, for both individuals and legal entities across the globe.

Specialised Due Diligence


We provide legal protection and certainty for our clients’ due diligence processes through compliance by design. With our Digital Compliance Officer®, we can solve regulatory compliance challenges for clients in a highly efficient, cost-effective and automated manner.

Depending on the Client’s internal rules (RMCP) and risk categories, information such as a customer’s background, identity and residential address verification, source of funds and wealth, bank account verification, political and sanctions exposure, financial status, possible adverse media etc. (to name only a few due diligence checks), are consolidated into Due Diligence Reports, fully automated through the Digital Compliance Officer compliance services, irrespective of the level of complexity or jurisdiction, which include, but not limited to:

  • Simplified Due Diligence (SDD)

  • Standard Due Diligence (STDD)

  • Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD)

  • Investigative Due Diligence (IDD)

  • Supplier Due Diligence (SPDD)

  • Non Compliance Remedial action for existing Customer base


Compliance Services for all Due Diligence Types

We protect businesses against fraud and other forms of financial crime by empowering their staff to generate detailed and specialised Know your Customer (KYC), Know your Business (KYB) as well as Know your Supplier (KYS) Due Diligence Reports in an automated or outsourced (Compliance as a Service) manner.

Listed below are the compliance services available through the Digital Compliance Officer, to form part of the various customer due diligence types and processes:

Biometric Identity Verification

Through the use of facial recognition and liveliness detection.

Biometric Identity Verification

Through the use of fingerprint detection.

Address Verification

Residential and Registered Address.

Bank Account Verification

Additional information available such as Solvency status, Judgements, Defaults etc.

Confirmation of Source of Funds / Wealth

Source of Funds / Source of Wealth / Employment / Nature of Business

Legal Existence Verification

Business registration and interest verification through CIPC, as well as Tax Number and Vat Number identification or verification.

Identification of Directors, Shareholders

Identification of, and detailed KYC of Directors, Shareholders (if recorded).

Identification of other supporting information

Such as Property Ownership, Lifestyle, Social Media, Trusts (Inter vivos), Trustees, Company Structures and UBO information, B-BBEE Status etc - (if recorded).

Listed below are the screening services available through the Digital Compliance Officer, to form part of the various customer due diligence types and processes:

Watchlist Screening:

Screening against all global sanction lists.

Watchlist Screening:

Screening of Politically Exposed Persons.

Watchlist Screening:

Screening against the South African Fraud Prevention Services Database.

Adverse Media Screening

Negative News Screening and Advanced Thematic Google Searches.

Related Party Screening

Identification and screening of all related parties.

Other Database Screening

Screening against the National Treasury database for restricted Suppliers, and the Government Employee database.