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Monivation offers an augmented intelligence solution called the Digital Compliance Officer (DCO), which empower staff by delivering an enhanced compliance solution that drives faster, more accurate and more cost-effective outcomes.

The Digital Compliance Officer serves as a Consolidator, and through its’ simple plug-and-play architecture, seamlessly integrates with any Client system, enabling effortless sharing of information, whilst reducing manual activities, duplication and avoiding unnecessary costs. The Digital Compliance Officer further enables a 360⁰ view of the customer, ultimately enabling employees to make more informed decisions.

The Digital Compliance Officer is based on a shared vision by the founders to develop a compliance technology platform that can enable organisations to effectively bring a scalable, practical machine intelligence solution to meet the ever changing and complex Compliance and Risk needs of organisations when engaging with clients.

The Digital Compliance Officer identifies Governance, Risk and Compliance red flags on both a reactive and proactive basis, which in turn provides organisations with a holistic view of a possible business opportunity and the risk posed by it.

Through partnership with the world’s biggest data providers, Monivation can provide a highly efficient solution for Due Diligence requirements for both individuals and legal entities. Built to solve for the complex Enhanced Due Diligence challenges, the Digital Compliance Officer is the only solution of its kind in the world, solving primarily for high-risk, enhanced and investigative due diligence requirements.

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